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Go Green – A Case Study

Why is going green good for my site?
There is a plethora of research these days demonstrating that consumers and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to “green” their daily routines and business practices - not just out of responsibility to the environment, but also with an eye toward the bottom line.

Green marketing presents unique challenges, not the least of which is the lack of standards for determining what it means to be a green product -- or a green company.

Along with the rise of green consumers, we are currently seeing the rise of eco-labeling, green advertising and the importance of environmental reporting. Certainly consumer awareness and behavioral changes at the grassroots level can reduce energy consumption and needless waste. When these actions are implemented in conjunction with a carefully orchestrated campaign, an opportunity is created for just about anything to be marketed as green, from products and services that radically reduce materials, energy, and waste to marketing, style, and structure changes to your organization’s web presence.

Green Web Marketing as an alternative.
Green Web Marketing is a strategy we use to help companies "green" their website, online business advertising, and marketing. It involves cutting down on dirty-energy-using and pollution generating advertising mediums such as newspaper, magazines, billboards, business cards, gift cards, coupons, flyers etc to replace as many of them as possible with cleaner digital / internet based advertising & marketing.

Green Web marketing is a strategy to reduce reliance upon non-earth-friendly marketing & advertising and replace it profitably with online marketing strategies including viral organic marketing, pay per click search engine marketing, social media marketing, and mobile and small form factor device marketing. Green Web marketing might not be able to replace all of a company's business or website advertising, but it might include reallocating 10-25% of a annual marketing budget to cleaner, greener Internet marketing tactics.

How can my site go green?
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