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Marisa - The Art of Apparel – A Case Study

Marisa - The Art of Apparel in Redbank, NJ came to Logiskil to help them take the next step with their business by taking their illustrious boutique and translating it to a medium on the web that would be cost effective, easy to use, and communicate their message of "Whimsical Chic" to their online customers.

Marisa's owner describes the store as “Whimsical Chic." If you walked through the doors of Marisa in Redbank, NJ, you would find that it is an intimate, state of the art boutique where you will find everything from young sophisticated to elegant chic. They cater to a curious and well educated customer who likes an eclectic mix of trends. They present you with contemporary collections, both American and European, together with accessories and shoes.

Marisa’s Owner opened the doors because she loves people and fashion. She has been lucky to work in the field both here and abroad for many years and finds great pleasure in sharing her expertise. She proclaims - "Our style is hip, edgy but sophisticated. New York style without the commute."

Logiskil was tasked with recreating this memorable experience in Marisa's elegant shop on the world wide web. After thorough on-site evaluation of Marisa's business operations, Logiskil identified Marisa - the art of apparel as a strong candidate for Logiskil's Boutique Service Offering. Logiskil worked with the staff at Marisa to customize and tailor the boutique service offering to meet all of the needs of the business. At the end of the engagement, Marisa was left with a robust online solution that allowed them to maintain the look, feel, and content of their website with relative ease - all while keeping to the very unique and sophisticated stylings of the Marisa - The Art of Apparel brand image. You can find Marisa - The Art of Apparel's website on the web at http://www.marisaboutique.com.

Marisa - The Art of Apparel is one of Logiskil's many clients who are leveraging a customized version of the Boutique Service Offering. Please contact Logiskil to find out how the Boutique Service Offering can be leveraged to meet the demanding needs of your business and clientèle.

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