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At Logiskil we have a corner on building a web presence for boutiques. We have spent numerous years working with countless boutique owner clients to perfect our approach at planning, designing, building, and rolling out specialized boutique web presences. We can provide the all of the services you need to optimize your website and increase phone and foot traffic.

At Logiskil, we understand that running a boutique is more than the just a business its a way of life. Logiskil is fully enabled to provide you with a high powered website to compliment the boutique style business. We have the expertise at Logiskil to offer retail stores with a full range of sales avenues, advertising, and direct marketing options via the internet to a vast audience that could only have been imagined in the past.

Logiskil will team with you to bring your world class web presence to market and to target audiences with a unique design to your specification. Your services will stand out against the competitors increasing your market share and separating you from the rest of the crowd

Recommended Offering Configuration

Standard Site Map Components

  • Home

Recommended Hosting Options

  • Logiskil Hosting

Recommended Support Options

  • One-Year Service Agreement

Recommended Training Options

  • Contracted On An "As-Needed" Basis
Contact us and we will work with you to create a detailed project proposal according to your specific needs.
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